Welcom to Wigwam’s Rainbow

3 January 2011

We are a non-profit organization. We work to provide American Indian and Metis communities in North America with quality wigwams (tepees) at reasonable prices.

We believe that it is important that each territory, each community and each Indigenous person or Metis has access to a Wigwam in which to find sanctuary.

We are aware of our responsibility in working towards active, creative and conscious resilience. Saving the little that remains of American Indian traditions is a matter of utmost importance and urgency.


Our mission is to make good quality Wigwams and to sell them to American Indian and Metis Communities, for personal use or to be resold.

However, our Wigwams are not exclusively reserved for American Indians and Metis. They are for all people, of all ages, who wish to experience life in a Wigwam. Our profits will be donated to indigenous organizations in order to promote American Indian culture.

Meegweech, Merci , Thank you…

The Team at Wigwam’s Rainbow


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